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Welcome to the official website of Dr. Joseph Webster, MD, MBA, FACP, a distinguished gastroenterologist, community leader, and now, an inspiring author. Dr. Webster, renowned for his contributions to gastroenterology and healthcare management, has now channeled his expertise into his captivating book, “Mud’dah.”

“Mud’dah” serves as an intersection of Dr. Webster’s robust medical background and his gift for storytelling. It tells the story of his family and the ultimate matriarch, his mother, showcasing Dr. Webster’s devotion to service and his relentless pursuit of bettering healthcare. Bettering healthcare and assuring a quality education for ALL – especially the traditionally underprivileged and underserved¬†communities.

“Mud’dah” is an extraordinary journey through time, from the heat of Jim Crow segregation to the present day. It tells the tale of a remarkable woman, Mud’dah, born in rural North Florida in the early 1900s, who faced poverty, racism, and inequality. Despite becoming a caregiver to her four siblings and ailing father at just 11 years old following her mother’s death, Mud’dah showed remarkable resilience and determination, paving her own path towards the life she deserved.

In “Mud’dah,” Dr. Webster pays homage to this incredible woman, whose core values and unyielding spirit enabled her to overcome the significant challenges she faced. The book serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging readers to exhibit resilience and determination in their life journeys.

Stay tuned for more updates about the book and Dr. Webster’s speaking tour. Join us in discovering the compelling world of “Mud’dah” and the inspiring legacy of Dr. Webster’s family.

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